Engaging private consumers towards sustainable energy

Programme: Horizon2020
Deadline: 2016-09-15
Tags: Energy
Social Affairs & Human Rights
Gender issues
Regional Development


Develop and roll out tailored and effective and innovative engagement actions to motivate changes in consumers' sustainable energy behaviour that would result in reduced energy consumption in buildings, heating/cooling systems and/or appliances. The proposed actions should focus on clearly defined target groups of private consumers (individuals or collectives), using market segmentation[2]. The proposed actions should demonstrate an understanding of different types of behaviours and consider the different approaches needed to influence them. The actions should also address the risk of "rebound effects", propose measures to counteract them, and apply current theory and practice on consumer decision making processes (e.g. effects of new technologies on energy behaviour). All relevant stakeholders necessary for the successful implementation of the action should be involved and it is expected that relevant consumer organisations, in particular, are either directly involved or their support is clearly demonstrated in the proposal. Where relevant for the proposed action, gender issues should be taken into account, in particular the role gender characteristics may play in influencing consumer behaviour. Actions should preferably cover a wide geographic area through complementary actions covering various parts of the EU. In addition the proposed actions, when relevant, should include policy lessons from the action to contribute to policy development.

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