FET Open funding opportunities

Programme: FET Programme
Deadline: 2017-01-17
Tags: Other Thematic Category
FET Programme


FET Open fosters early-stage research for radically new technological possibilities. It supports promising novel ideas from all technological areas without prescribing any theme. Funding is available for collaborative Research and Innovation Actions (RIA) research that satisfies the FET Open 'gatekeepers': long-term vision, ambition of the scientific and technological breakthrough, foundational character, novelty, high-risk and deep synergistic interdisciplinary approach (read the blog post from Timo Hallantie, Head of FET Open Unit: "What it takes to succeed in FET Open"). FET Open aspires to be an early detector of fresh and promising concepts, but also of the new high-potential actors in research and innovation (such as young researchers and high-tech SMEs) that may become the scientific and industrial leaders of the future. The Research and Innovation Actions topic has three cut-off dates over 2016-2017, the next one being 17 January 2017. A budget of €84M is equally allocated to each cut-off date. Besides Research and Innovation Actions, FET Open also funds Coordination and Support Actions (CSA) to turn Europe into the best place in the world for responsible collaborative research on future and emerging technologies that will make a difference for society in the decades to come. The submissions for CSA are planned to open on 20 September 2016 for the following sub-topics: FET Exchange, FET Futures. The deadline for that Coordination and Support Actions topic is 17 January 2017, and the budget available is €1.5M.

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