Thematic Networks compiling knowledge ready for practice

Programme: Horizon2020
Deadline: 2016-02-17
Tags: Agriculture - Farming - Forestry


The activities of thematic networks include summarising, sharing and presenting, in a language easily understandable for agricultural/forestry practitioners, existing best practices and research results that are near to be put into practice, but not sufficiently known by practitioners. To this end, the networks shall involve a wide range of actors covering both science and agricultural/forestry practice on the specific themes, e.g. scientists, farmers/farmers' groups, advisory services. Also EIP Operational Groups and interactive innovation groups operating in the context of the EIP-AGRI, enterprises or supply chain actors should be involved if relevant for the chosen theme. The specific themes of the networks, which may be chosen 'bottom-up', should contribute to a more competitive and sustainable agriculture and forestry. They must focus on the most urgent needs of specific agricultural or forestry production sectors, or on important or promising cross-sectoral issues, including where primary production needs to improve its linkages to the supply chain. A comprehensive description of the state of the art on the chosen theme should explain the added value of the proposal, the relevance of the theme and how it avoids duplication with existing or completed projects and networks. The resulting easily accessible end-user material should be substantial in number and feed into the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) 'Agricultural Productivity and Sustainability' for broad dissemination to agricultural/forestry practitioners. In the exceptional event that minor testing of specific solutions would be needed, a maximum of 20% of the project budget may be used for this purpose. Proposals should fall under the concept of the 'multi-actor approach'.

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