Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN)

Programme: Horizon2020
Deadline: 0000-00-00
Tags: Other Thematic Category


The specific challenge is to be addressed by the Knowledge Transfer Network, in order to support and encourage collaborative research on future and emerging innovative ideas, expertise and knowledge for the benefit of the future evolution of the European ATM system. The KTN will address the challenge to stimulate the learning and exchange of knowledge from academia, research community and industrial partners following up already on the SESAR 1 research network results and also stimulating the transfer of new knowledge from other disciplines. The Knowledge Transfer Network will also include the organisation and running of interdisciplinary or ‘themed’ research network activities based around key ATM research subjects and SJU exploratory research projects with the aim to stimulate learning and the exchange of knowledge between academia. The interdisciplinary or “themed” research activities will include a provision of a platform for training, transfer of knowledge and PhD research activities.

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