Media Professionalism Programme Montenegro 2016

Programme: EuropeAid
Deadline: 2017-10-17
Tags: Audiovisual sector and Media


The global objective of this call for proposals is to improve conditions for quality journalism including modern/innovative approaches to increase quality and credibility of investigative journalism. The specific objective(s) of this call for proposals is to support quality media production in the areas related to Montenegro's European Integration and to enable media to report fairly, freely and in a professional and ethical manner while the ability of Montenegro's journalists to use investigative techniques are meant to be further strengthened. At the same time the citizens are meant to be further educated about their rights in the context of the Code of Ethics to strengthen implementation while the economic models of media enterprises should be strengthened. This Call for Proposals should lead to the following results: a) Media content of public interest and fully in line with the Code of Ethics related to Montenegro's European Integration produced; b) Increased professional capacities of media and journalists on investigative reporting which can be measured through the number of stories and articles published that are based on acknowledged investigative reporting techniques; c) Increased awareness of the general public on the code of ethics for the media. d) Assistance to the local media provided in terms of their business models, work plans;

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