The Dedicated LIFE Programme 2021-27 Budget

Economic prosperity is something that all countries in the world are striving to achieve to offer a better and more comfortable life to their citizens. As the economic power of consumers and the demand for goods and resources has risen worldwide, unfortunately this came with an even higher cost than in simple monetary terms.

High pollution levels and the high resources’ demand has led to the subsequent climate change, loss of biodiversity and habitats that, if left uncontrolled, will result in a seemingly richer, but in reality, poorer world. Thanks to the European LIFE Programme 2021-27, that its budget has been recently approved by the European Parliament, climate and biodiversity protection has a renewed dynamic.

A Few Words about LIFE Programme

The European LIFE programme 2021-27 responds to the climate crisis and helps protect Europe’s unique ecosystems and biodiversity since 1992. LIFE programme has implemented thus far more than 5.500 projects across the EU and in third countries and has since launched several European policies to reach its ambitious climate goals for the future.

Special mention should be given to the European Green Deal that wants to drastically cut the greenhouse gas emissions and preserve Europe’s Natural environment by investing in cutting-edge research and innovation.

The most important climate action initiatives spearheaded through the European Green deal are the:

  • European Climate Law tasked with the enshrinement of the European Green Deal goal of EU to becoming climate-neutral by 2050 into law.
  • European Climate Pact that searches for avenues to motivate and European citizens to engage in climate action.
  • 2030 Climate Target Plan that aims to reduce by 55% the greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.
  • EU Strategy on Climate Adaptation that wants to safeguard that Europe becomes climate resilient by 2050 and that it will not be affected by climate change.

The New LIFE Programme 2021 Budget

LIFE programme 2021-27 new budget was recently approved by the European Parliament officially. The new LIFE Programme 2021 will run from 2021 to 2027 with an increase in budget by 60% than the previous funding period. The new LIFE programme 2021 budget was set to €5.4 billion to support projects dedicated to the protection of the environment. From the €5.4 billion, €3.5 billion will be directed towards environmental projects, while €1.9 billion will go to projects on climate action.

Together with an increased budget, LIFE Programme 2021-2027 expands into four new sub-programmes:

  • Nature and Biodiversity
  • Circular Economy and Quality of Life
  • Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation
  • Clean Energy Transition

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