How do I submit a project proposal in the Online Submission Service?

All types of project proposals must be submitted electronically using the Online Submission Service. Follow the next steps to complete successfully the project proposal submission process:

  1. Log in to the Funding & Tenders Portal and select the topic and the type of action of your chosen call.
  2. Create your draft proposal.
  3. Manage your related parties. Your partners will automatically be invited to the process by the system.
  4. Edit the proposal draft form, download templates, and complete all required information. Engage your partners to add their organization contacts and the details in the corresponding sections of the proposal form part A.
  5. Upload the proposal form Part B and the rest of the annex files. Then submit your proposal.
  6. After the submission and until the deadline is reached, you can re-edit, download, or withdraw your proposal.
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