The day after coronavirus for startups

The coronavirus pandemic has a lot of startup owners with their back against the wall. They see their investments fail one after the other seeing as social distancing and isolation prevent a great number of employees from working. Simultaneously consumers are reluctant to leave their homes. Zero profit for businesses for a couple of months can be disastrous.

Governments are making an effort to assist companies of all sizes during the pandemic but that will still not ensure a safe future for several startups across Europe. Most startups are making an effort to create new business plans based on the new situation, aiming at maintaining their current position and staff members for as long as possible. However, that cannot guarantee that they can secure their future.

Startups taking action

Taking more actions to improve their potential for investments and participation in partnerships is a must-have addition to any newly created business plan for startups. The best option for the period after the pandemic is European Programmes.

Startup businesses and scaleup companies are among the first and most important stakeholders that meet the criteria to receive funding under a European Programme. European funding could be the solution you are looking for, to keep your business going during these difficult times.

Identify the calls you are interested in

Depending on the type of startup you own, all you will need to do will be to find the European calls that match your expertise, find or form a consortium and apply with a properly written proposal. However, we do understand that as a startupper you might not be familiar with the European funding process at all.

The EUcalls team is here to bring you the solution you are looking for. By creating an account on the EUcalls platform, you will immediately gain access to our fully updated list of EU calls as well as a list of all the potential organizations that you could partner up with. Most consortia need to add at least one startup to their line-up so the chances of your business being selected are rather high. It is important to remember that a complete profile for your business is a good way for potential partners to find you so do not neglect that.

The Proposal Writing process

The consortium will need to prepare a proposal to submit for funding. As a startupper, you can give your point of view on the matters that concern your expertise. However, in most cases, the proposal writing process can be complicated. As a result, it is always preferable to let the partner with the most expertise in proposal writing to handle the process.

If you are not part of a consortium but you are trying to form one, you need to already know the call you are going to take part in as well as be ready to prepare the proposal beforehand. If you do not have experience in proposal writing, seeing as owning a startup company will not prepare you for the task, you can always outsource the process. Finding the right proposal writing services will not be difficult as long as you know the call and have an idea about what you want the proposal to include.

Being part of a consortium that implements European projects is not just going to help your startup stay alive during the pandemic. It will provide you with sustainable development as well as increase your prestige and brand name in the world of European programmes. Identify the grant or call you are most interested in, build your consortium, and find the right people that can help you bring your idea to life!