InnovateU: Innovation Funding Services for Universities

Your Partner in Bringing Your Research Ideas to Life

Are you tired of watching your groundbreaking research ideas stagnate due to lack of funding?

InnovateU specializes in unlocking the full potential of universities and research centers through tailored EU funding support. With our expertise in European funding, we bridge the gap between ambitious research ideas and the realization of funding opportunities within the European Union.


Elevate Your University’s Research Potential with Innovation Funding

Our comprehensive suite of services includes:

Unlimited Access to the EUcalls Platform

Access a vast database of funding opportunities tailored to your university's unique research interests.

Customized Funding Reports

Stay informed and prepared with bespoke funding reports aligned with your institution's objectives.

Why Choose InnovateU Services?


Benefit from our extensive experience and deep understanding of the EU funding landscape, accumulated over years of dedicated practice.

Collaborative Success

We strongly believe in the power of partnerships. Let us guide you in forming strategic alliances that not only enhance your funding prospects but also foster collaborative success and mutual growth.

Tailored Support

From the initial identification of opportunities to the final proposal submission, our services are meticulously customized to meet your organization's unique needs and objectives.

Empowerment Through Education

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to equip your team with the necessary skills and knowledge to independently navigate the complexities of EU funding, empowering them to drive innovation and achieve impactful results.

Fuel Your University's Research Vision

Join us on a journey towards research innovation and success. Unlock the potential of European funding to propel your projects forward. Contact us today to learn how we can help your university or research center achieve its funding goals.

Begin Your Research Journey Today with InnovateU and Unlock the Potential of European Funding to Propel Your Projects Forward

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