How does it work

How can I find a funding opportunity?
Use the platform to browse the latest of the EU calls from over 50 different sources in one place. You can view those as a list under the EU calls directory which you can filter based on the type of programme, deadlines and sectors. You can make your search easier with a premium profile, when opting for the Standard or Tailored plan. Setup your funding targets and allow the Personalised Matching Environment to bring the calls that match your needs and your profile better. You can save to view the call later at your Bookmarks or immediately Declare Interest to initiate a base of partnership and collaboration.
Why do I need a complete profile?
Ensure that your profile is complete with the latest details of your Organisation. Present your main activities, the sectors of expertise and details of any projects you have already participated. A complete profile unlocks all the capabilities of the EU calls platform. Your organisation will be listed in the Partners directory and it will be discovered by other possible partners. If your organisation is meeting the requirements of a specific call then it will be included in the list of suggested partners and thus increase the possibilities to be approached for collaboration. Finally, users with a complete profile can make use of the Personalised Matched Environment to view calls close to their needs, can direct message other partners and initiate an Idea or Project on the platform.
I found a call that I am interested. Now what?
Declare Interest is your main action! By that you notify other Partners that are interested in the call that you are open for collaboration in order to shape the needed Consortium (team of Partners) to shape the requested proposal for submission. Also, by Declaring Interest you enhance your profile with the type of calls that interest you and make it easier for other Partners to approach you. Finally, start shaping your concept note for what you want to do with this Call and keep it private as a Draft or open to all partners to view by making it public.
I have an idea and I want to write a proposal for a call. What do I do?
You may already have an idea and you just found the right call to fund it or you are inspired by a call you saw. Then the next step is to start documenting it and invite the possible partners that can shape the needed consortium. As soon as you declare interest in a call a friendly dialogue helps you shape your concept note for your new idea or project. Describe it as best as you can as this is a way to attract the possible partners. Keep your idea private as a draft if it is not matured or publish it at the Directory of Ideas in order to be viewed by others. As soon as you have your Idea ready you can start inviting Partners that you think that fit best in making it happen. Start the conversation and exchange of the needed information through the EU calls platform and get the first steps to writing your proposal.
How can I find the right partners?
EU calls is a growing network of highly profiled partners representing all sectors and types of organisations. You can view their complete profiles in the Partners Directory and filter your search by specific criteria, like country, type, and sectors of activities. Users with a complete profile can also make use of the Personalised Matched Environment to view the list of suggested partners for a specific call of their choice. The platform is cherrypicking those profiles that can match best the requirements of a call and enforce the synergies with your profile. Keep the profiles of Partners that interest you the most or create your private contact list by Following their profiles and accessing those in My Network area. We invite you to create your networks that you can use for helping you shape your Ideas. Finally, promote your profile to be discovered easier by other partners or see the most active ones in the Sponsored profiles area.


What is the Ideas section
The new feature allows you to create an Idea or Project concept note based on a specific call and initiate the dialogue and collaboration with your future consortium. Create your concept note in the best possible way to attract the interest of other partners. Invite those from your Network or the suggested profiles that you believe can meet the requirements of the call your idea and initiate the conversation on Idea pad.
How can I search for new Ideas?
You can view the shaped Ideas or Consortia in the Ideas Directory and you can view the recently added or filter by specific criteria.
Can I join an existing Idea or Consortium?
Yes, when you have identified the Idea or Consortium of your interest you can ask to Join. The Administrator or Co-ordinator of the Project will review your application and accept or reject it accordingly. Ensure you make a very targeted approach and always keep your profile up to date as your application will be reviewed based on your experience, expertise, and performance.
Why shoud I start a Discussion?
After you have shaped your team with the involved Partners you can initiate an asynchronous dialogue by posting your topics for discussion. Create memos for your ideas, discuss how you will proceed, even post links of the working documents for your proposal. Ideapad helps you keep the communication with your team in one place and make the remote collaboration easy.
What are the Statuses of an Idea
There is 2 type of statuses for your idea or project. You can keep an idea Draft, which means that it cannot be viewed by others, only by you at My Ideas/Drafts and those invited to participate. When your idea is Published it will be listed in the public directory of Ideas and other Partners can view it and judge if they can join or not. The Administrator can also Archive an idea, or complete Delete it. Both actions will remove the Idea from the directory. Another type of status is notifying other users what you are looking for your idea. For example, you may be at the point of shaping a consortium so you are interested in attracting new partners. Flag your state by this status and notify other partners to offer you what you need.
I accidentaly published a private concept note. Can I remove it?
You can manage the status of your Idea at any time from the Settings, as long as you have the role of the Administrator or Co-ordinator. Change the state of the idea from Public to Draft and then it will be removed from the public directory. If a project has been complete or your concept note is obsolete you can always archive it by selecting Archive or completely Delete it. Be aware that Ideas that are Delete cannot be retrieved.
Can I create more than one Ideas for a call?
Yes, even if you chose to Declare Interest and to skip the creation of an Idea or you want to add one more under the same call, select the Add Idea from the right-side panel of the call.


How does the Free Plan work?
When you sign up for your free Plan, you'll have limited access to EUcalls basic features, such as searching and declaring interest to calls and contacting potential Partners. To explore a more personalised experience and receive tailor-made services by EUcalls experts’ team, you need to upgrade to our Standard and Tailored Plan.
What is the "1 month free" offer
When you sign up for the Free Plan for the first time we offer you the opportunity to explore the personalised environment of the Standard Plan, free for 30 days. We won't ask you for any credit card or payment details for it. After 30 days you will be notified that you will have the Free Plan unless you choose to upgrade to any of the premium plans.
Is the Free Plan unlimited?
Yes, the free Plan is always available and does not have a time limit.
How does the premium plans (Standard & Tailored) work?
You can upgrade to the premium plans at any time. The Standard Plan offers you on top of the Free Plan features, a fully personalised experience and tools to help you find a funding opportunity or a new partnership through the digital interface. The Tailored Plan is even more enhanced with tailor-made services offered by EUcalls experts' team that allow you to get quicker in running proposals.
What is the procedure of renewal of the premium plans?
Subscription payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up for an Upgrade and will cover the use of that service for a monthly subscription period as indicated. Please note that payments are not refundable.
Can I switch plans?
Plans are month-to-month. You can start/stop or make changes to your Plan at any time (but note that refunds are not given for cancellation or downgrades). Contact us for details.

Standard Plan Features

What is the "Personalised matching to calls and partners" feature about?
Based on your profile and interests, the platform is matching you with open Calls that match your funding targets as well as other EUcalls partners to explore possibilities of collaboration. This is achieved through your organization's details that you provide when completing your profile.
What is the "Promoted profile" feature about?
After the completion of your profile, we undertake to disseminate it to our community. Your profile, along with your partnership's interests, will be listed in our weekly newsletter and will be disseminated to all the EUcalls members.
What is the "Featured Profile Listings" feature about?
EUcalls marketing team undertakes to develop a blog post dedicated to your current activity. In addition, we'll disseminate the blog post through our social media.

Tailored Plan Features

What is the "Get your PIC number" feature about?
To assess the EU funding opportunities, your organisation needs to be registered and have a 9-digit Participant Identification Code (PIC). Our team undertakes the registration procedure. At the end of the day, you will have your PIC number and be ready to enter the "EU project proposals" world!
What is the "Networking for your idea" feature about?
In case that you have a research idea that you'd like to submit to a specific call, but you lack the know-how or the capacity to do this, our team can find for you high-level professional proposal writers that will help you.
What is the "Priority Participation" feature about?
EUcalls is a big network of EU partners. In this frame, depending on the period and the available open calls, there are project proposals that are being developed. By purchasing the Tailored Plan, our team informs you about the possible project proposals that you could join at any time.
What is the "Participation to events" feature about?
The EUcalls team organizes once or twice per year events dedicated to networking of the EUcalls partners. These events take place in Brussels or some country of central Europe for easy access. The most important session of the agenda is the discussion and networking of new EU project proposals. Except for the EUcalls events, you will get information about other networking events across Europe.

Sponsored Profiles Features

How does the profile sponsorship work?
You can select to promote the profile of your organisation anytime indepedently if you are a free or a premium user to Standard or Tailored plans. Select the sponsorship plan to increase the visibility to your profile by standing out in dedicated promotional areas in the platform and with other publicity activities.
What will I get with a sponsored plan?
As a sponsored profile you will be:
  • promoted in dedicated areas in the platform with higher visibility
  • easily identified from other profile
  • intense publicity plan with dedicated interviews, articles and posts in the EUcalls social media

Tech Support

How do I delete my EUcalls registration?
Deactivating your registration is an easy and no-questions-asked process. Just click "Delete your account" button on your profile Settings. Your registration and all your data will be deleted permanently from our database.
I have more questions. To whom will I address?
Our customer support is always available to help you. Just drop a line to support@eucalls.net.