InnovateBiz Boost: Revolutionize Your BSO's Innovation Funding

Your Partner in Catalyzing Growth and Innovation

In today's fiercely competitive market, securing innovation funding is paramount for the sustained growth of your Business Support Organization (BSO). Are you ready to revolutionize your approach and unlock unparalleled opportunities for advancement?


InnovateBiz Boost specializes in empowering Business Support Organizations (BSOs) and innovation-driven entities with tailor-made funding solutions. Our comprehensive suite of Innovation Funding services is meticulously crafted to elevate the impact of various BSOs, including:

Consulting Firms
Chambers of Commerce
Professional Networks and Associations
European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIHs) and Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs)
Clusters and Collaborative Spaces
Incubators and Accelerators
Public Authorities
Other Innovation Communities, Parks, and Collaborative Spaces

Together, let's transform your approach to innovation funding, opening doors to unparalleled growth and development.

Explore Our Innovation Funding Services for BSOs

With InnovateBiz Boost, we offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored specifically to Business Support Organizations (BSOs) to supercharge their innovation endeavors. Here's how we can help.

Exclusive Discount Codes for EUcalls Platform Access

Unlock premier funding opportunities with discounted access for your members.

Proposal Management and Coordination

From ideation to submission, our team manages and coordinates 2-5 funding proposals, ensuring your projects stand out.

Discover how InnovateBiz Boost can Transform Your Approach to Securing Funding and Fostering Innovation

Contact us today to explore a tailored partnership that aligns with your strategic goals. Join us in catalyzing growth and innovation for your BSO.

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