Find EU funding for your idea with EUcalls

Having an exciting idea that could lead to potential EU funding is not uncommon. However, from the idea stage to the submission stage, a lot of steps need to be taken. And unfortunately, not knowing how to find EU funding or what type of EU funding is the right one for you is also very common.

Are you ready for EU funding?

After diving into European Programmes, you will notice that there are a plethora of different programmes which could be a potential incubator for your idea. But finding the right one could take time. If you do not know how to cross-check and identify the programmes that suit you the most your need the help of someone who is a professional and can help you.

EU funding covers an array of different sectors. As a result, no matter what your idea might be, you will certainly be able to find a place for it. But one thing you will need to do is to first find the programmes and call for which you meet the criteria.

Minimizing the search process

Now we are talking about countless calls and a very large number of programmes. Searching for them and going through massive amounts of data is not something you have the time for. With platforms like the EUcalls platform, you will now have the opportunities you have always wanted without lifting a finger.

The professionals behind EUcalls, took their time to analyse EU funding to its very core and create a responsive system that has great potential for you. Instead of searching for the calls on your own, one by one, you can now just add your organization’s information on your profile, which is a lot easier and faster.

The EUcalls algorithm takes that information and matches them with calls for which you meet the criteria. Within just a few seconds you can find your matching calls with all the important information. Deadline, budget, description and many more.

EU funding for your ideas

EU funding has never been easier. And if you do have an idea, now with IdeaPad, you can make that idea known to all the potential partners out there. You can leave your idea under the call you are interested in and even invite your partners via email to work on it with you.

EU funding allows you to bring your ideas to life. You can fund your business ventures, ideas that could have a massive impact on society, meet partners from across Europe and become part of the most successful consortia.