The Horizon Impact Award 2022 is Now Open Stronger Than Ever

On 6 January 2022, the European Commission announced the launch of the Horizon Impact Award for this year. The Horizon Impact Award comes back after 2020 to continue celebrating the best EU-funded projects that made a significant societal impact across Europe and beyond.

This brand-new contest is now open to receive applications by 8 March 2022 for your innovative FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme) or H2020 (Horizon 2020) projects. Although the contest criteria remain relatively the same, there are some important differences in its awards that you would love to hear about.

A contest for EU success stories

The Horizon Impact Award 2022 seeks the best Horizon EU-funded projects which have created societal benefits. In other words, this contest is looking for projects which not only have reached the end of their implementation period but projects whose R&I results have been used beyond their lifetime.

To highlight that, interested applicants in the Impact Award need to demonstrate their project’s impact and societal benefits. Their application needs to give examples of how their research helps society and who benefits from it. They will need to provide at least a letter of support as a testimony for their impact to verify this.

More winners and bigger awards to Inspire

The Horizon Impact Award 2022 will have 6 winners who will each receive an award of € 25.000. The total €150.000 prize pool is higher than the 2020 edition and will benefit more projects. Specifically, the 2020 Horizon Impact Award had a total budget of only €50.000 shared among 5 finalists of the contest.


The Horizon Impact Award aims to highlight the benefits of EU funds in research and innovation. This contest rewards individuals or teams for their best practices and achievements, showcases their important work to encourage more beneficiaries to use their results, and inspires other EU funding beneficiaries to maximize their impact.

Find the Horizon Impact Award 2022 call for applications on EUcalls platform.