Interview With CETEC: A Non-profit Association in Research and Development

1. Give Us a Few Information About Your Organization

We are a Technology Center that works as a non-profit association. Our main objective is to conduct research activities and development.

At CETEC, we work at the service of companies, from materials manufacturers to converters, recyclers and end users, providing technological solutions and supporting them to achieve high materials performance and sustainability.

Around twenty experts in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, industrial engineering, plastics materials, environment and biotechnology work at CETEC.

We make a complete team capable of providing solutions to any challenges that arise through the projects we manage.

2. What Inspired You to Create Your Organization?

CETEC was initially born to support R&D activities in the regional footwear sector.  Over the years, CETEC has raised its expertise towards plastic and biotechnology. Throughout this time, our mission has been to assist in research and provide innovative resources to companies and entities that require expert vision to develop new technologies and better solutions.

3. What Is Your Field of Expertise?

CETEC has more than 25 years of experience in the footwear and plastics areas. We offer technological services and R&D solutions, promoting innovation and technology transfer to the industry.

Our main areas of work, but not limited to, are

  1. Footwear Materials
  • Development of ad-hoc formulations for soles according to our clients requirements.
  • Efficient recycling alternatives for footwear materials, including rubber, TPU, TR.
  • Research into biobased materials for footwear applications.
  • Circularity, safety and environmental studies of plastics materials, including LCA analysis and Eco-design.
  1. Sustainability & Circularity
  • Safe and sustainable plastics materials development
  • Biotechnological recycling
  • Mechanical recycling
  • Compostability and biodegradation studies
  1. Advanced Materials
  • Formulation of plastic and bioplastic materials with active additives.
  • Formulation and compounding of biobased plastics to enhance their processability and stability and to develop high-barrier materials for packaging applications.
  • Formulation and compounding to develop materials for agricultural applications.
  • Formulation of biobased materials using biobased additives.
  • Development of thermoplastics composites and nanocomposites.
  • Development of new recyclable plastic materials alternative to multilayers.
  • Development of high-performance biobased polymers.
  • Development of tailor-made biobased compounds alternative to fossil counterparts.
  1. Biotech
  • Production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) from industrial wastes by microorganisms
  • Biotechnological solutions for the degradation and recycling of plastics
  • Application of enzymes for degradation of thermoplastics
  • Research on biodegradation and biotransformation of plastics wastes by microorganisms

4. What Is Your Organization’s Impact on Society?

CETEC helps companies to develop and implement innovative solutions, most of them contributing to environmental sustainability but also contributing to the economic growth of communities while ensuring social sustainability.

5. What Are Some of Your Most Important Collaborations on EU Projects?

We have wide experience executing and leading regional, national and European projects. We have participated in several European projects, some of them coordinated by us. In particular, we have participated in 8 European Projects within the FP7 and H2020 European programmes.

6. What Is Something Your Organization Achieved That You Are Proud Of?

We are proud of each of our achievements, which have been reached thanks to the efforts of CETEC´s excellent whole team.

One of our main achievements we are proud of is the ideation, preparation, submission and coordination of the Agro2Circular European project, financed with  the maximum score (15 points)  in the call:  

Agro2Circular is a big European project which proposes a systemic territorial solution for the agrifood sector´s residues, such as organic wastes and plastic wastes. The project comprises 41 partners, many of whom belong to neighbouring areas of Spain, where the agri-food sector is an important contributor to the economy. Indeed it is the biggest project ever in the Region de Murcia, where CETEc is located, thus creating a high impact on the regional economy, among other social and environmental benefits.

7. What Kinds of Projects Do You Want to Work On?

We would like to work on cooperative projects related to the circular economy and the overall sustainability of the plastic/bioplastics sector.

8. What Are You Looking For From an EU Partner?

We would like to explore synergies with other entities, such as RTO´s or industrial companies involved in the plastics/bioplastics value chain.

For additional information, see CETEC's official website.

Alternatively, you can find CETEC in our EU Partners Directory where you can follow them to receive updates about their EU projects or send them a message.