The Ultimate Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2021

We understand that European Funding Programmes can be daunting at first, especially if you are new to European Funding. On the occasion of the recent launch of the new Erasmus+ 2021-2027 in March, we would like to help you understand better the new Erasmus scheme. For that reason, we would like to introduce you to the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2021, which is an essential tool to understand the programme better.

What is the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2021

The Programme guide is essential to anyone who wishes to understand the Erasmus+ Programme better. Therefore, this document is relevant to all interested parties to participate in Erasmus+ funded projects. They can either be participating organizations that organize activities supported by the Programme or participants who wish to become involved in activities organized by the above organizations.

As it is the norm, the Erasmus+ Programme receives many project proposals every year to receive financial support for their implementation. Thus, there must be transparent processes and clear guidelines concerning the proposals' evaluation and funding.

In other words, the Erasmus+ Programme Guide contains all the vital information, rules, and conditions to receiving a European grant. However, please note that some of these rules and conditions may be different for specific Erasmus+ calls for proposals, which will be stated in these EU calls individually.

What you Can Find in the Erasmus+ Programme Guide

If you decide to start reading the Programme Guide, you will notice that it is divided into four main parts.

  1. Part A offers a general overview of the programme with all the essential information that someone needs. That information includes the objectives, the priorities, the participating countries, the structure and the available budget.
  2. Part B deals with the Actions of the Erasmus+ Programme. This part helps those who want to learn more details about the types of projects that this Programme supports.
  3. Part C provides information on the application procedures for grants and the selection of the projects. Furthermore, it deals with the financial and administrative provisions that are directly linked with the Erasmus+ grant. This part is critical for anyone who wishes to submit an Erasmus+ project proposal.
  4. Part D, which is also the final part of the Programme Guide, is simply a glossary of the practical terms that someone interested in the Erasmus+ Programme should know.

We hope you will find the Erasmus+ Programme Guide 2021 a helpful tool that will answer many of your questions about the Erasmus+ programme. However, if you think that this guide is too complicated or does not cover your needs, please reach out to the expert team of EUcalls by sending us an email at