What is the lifecycle of an EU project?

The lifecycle of an EU project is separated into 4 different stages:

  1. The project preparation stage
  2. Applicants search for the appropriate call or calls for proposals and the right partners to form a consortium. Then they create the concept note of the project and complete the project proposal.

  3. The project submission stage
  4. Applicants follow the guidelines based on the programme and submit their proposal on the Online Submission Service. They upload all the project submission forms and pre-defined templates for the project proposal and the detailed budget.

  5. The project evaluation stage
  6. Each proposal is assessed by the Evaluation Committee, in strict confidence. Depending on the programme, the Evaluation Committee could also include external experts to assess the quality of the proposal.

  7. The project implementation stage
  8. After the project proposal has been approved for funding, the members of the consortium will start the implementation of the project, following the proposal plans and deadlines.

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