Where to Find European Funding for Startups

We know from experience how hard is it for a startup to scale up and succeed in the highly competitive and ever-changing entrepreneurial and technological landscape. At the end of the day, apart from the operational or bureaucratic challenges that startups daily face, getting the necessary funding to help them scale-up and grow is their ultimate worry.

Understanding the importance of startups and their subsequent benefits to the local communities and their contribution to European innovation outputs, the EU provides various European funding for startups options that you can find on EUcalls innovative platform.

European Funding for Startups Opportunities

There are several opportunities to receive European Funding for startups based on an individual analysis. Namely, there are conditions for the potential of your business and the viability of your business plan, your business's ability to produce digital innovations or its involvement with R&D activities.

If you are wondering if your business qualifies to receive European Funding for startups, you should check with the European funding opportunities below:

  1. EIC Accelerator – Previously known as the SME instrument, provides opportunities and acceleration services to startups and SMEs. It focuses on high-potential businesses with marketable products and services and a strong growth outlook. Participants can receive European funding of up to €2.5 million in grants and €15 million in blended finance.
  2. Calls for Third Parties – If your startup is capable of developing digital or other innovations, you should check out the calls for third parties as it has a wide variety of European calls for funding that you could apply for.
  3. Eureka-Eurostars – The largest international funding programme for SMEs that wish to engage in R&D activities to create marketable innovative products, processes, or services that can improve people's daily lives.

The above are the primary sources of European Funding for startups that your organization can benefit from. However, it is important to mention that the EU also provides non-monetary opportunities for collaborations and training.

  1. EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities – Led by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology, they formulate Innovation communities and Innovation Hubs that provide opportunities that foster collaborations, improve access to talents, and boost innovation know-how and new market opportunities.
  2. Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs – The European Union covers the costs of young aspiring entrepreneurs to get close to experienced business people that run their own small business successfully and learn firsthand essential skills for their entrepreneurial development.

Find European Funding for Startups on EUcalls

All the above funding opportunities are also available on EUcalls platform. By joining EUcalls, you can have all European Calls at your fingertips. Our experts gather in one place all the available Calls for Funding issued by the European Commission. Especially if you are starting your journey in European Funding, EUcalls is the perfect tool for you to get you started.

With a wide range of available calls that you can filter out based on your needs and the ability to Network and find reliable partners, EUcalls is the ideal place to start looking for European funding for Startups.