5 Horizon Europe Info Days and Events to Attend in 2021

The first edition of the Horizon Europe Info Days took place online between 28 June and 16 July 2021. This event allowed interested organizations in Horizon Europe and other EU research and innovation stakeholders to receive information and ask questions about the new Horizon Europe programme. These questions concerned the Horizon Europe 2021-2027 novelties like the main funding instruments and its processes.

The summer Horizon Europe Info Days had ten thematic topics with exclusive discussions and hands-on sessions. Specifically, each session was dedicated to a different Horizon Europe cluster or part of the new programme. There are more Horizon Europe Info Days coming soon in October that will follow the same concept as the previous ones

If you are interested in the Horizon Europe programme and would like to have your questions answered, participating in the Horizon Europe Info Days would be your best chance.

What are the Horizon Europe Clusters?

A novelty of the Horizon Europe programme is that it is divided into clusters, each addressing different global and European industrial competitiveness challenges.

The Horizon Europe clusters are the following:

  1. Cluster 1 – Health
  2. Cluster 2 - Culture, Creativity & Inclusive Society
  3. Cluster 3 - Civil Security for Society
  4. Cluster 4 - Digital, Industry & Space
  5. Cluster 5 - Climate, Energy & Mobility
  6. Cluster 6 - Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

During the Horizon Europe Info Days, each day is dedicated to a single cluster followed by a brokerage event. Brokerage events are intended to bring together potential applicants and stakeholders of the new Research & Innovation Programme.

Horizon Europe Info Days and events coming soon

As we are approaching the final days of October 2021, many events are coming up on the Horizon Europe Programme. These events are excellent opportunities for those that did not participate in the previous Horizon Europe Info Days last summer and would like to learn more about Horizon Europe and to build a network.

Here are the Horizon Europe events that you can attend this month:

  1. Cluster 6 – Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture & Environment

This is the first Horizon Europe Info Day taking place between 25 and 26 October 2021. This day will focus on cluster 6 and will be followed by a brokerage event on 27 October.

For more information and registrations on this upcoming info day, you can see more here.

  1. Cluster 1 – Health

The next Horizon Europe Info Day that you can participate will be on 28 October 2021 and will focus on Cluster 1. Again, this event will be followed by a brokerage event on the following day on 29 October.

For more information and registrations on this upcoming info day, you can see more here.

  1. BeHEALTH 2021 - Online International Event in Healthcare

The BeHealth 2021 will be running from 26 to 28 October as the above Horizon Europe Info Days. This event will be your portal to a global health industry environment where you will have the chance to meet successful entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in Health, find out how EU funds can make a difference, and learn how you can make an impact with healthcare innovation.

  1. Horizon Europe Cluster 4 Industry International Networking Event

This networking event will be held online on 28 October 2021 with the purpose to increase networking and collaboration on opportunities on Cluster 4 and particularly in the following destinations:

Destination 1: Climate Neutral, Circular and Digitized Production

Destination 2: Increased Autonomy in Key Strategic Value Chains For Resilient Industry

  1. Facilitating Research & Innovation Cooperation in the Danube Region

This event will take place on 28 October and is an initiative of the EU Strategy for the Danube Region. Its objective is to bridge potential applicants from the Danube Region in upcoming Horizon Europe “Widening” calls to foster participation in the programme.

Particularly, this event will focus on three specific “widening” calls:

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