European Startup Funding: 6 EU calls for Proposals to Fund your Startup in 2021

Europe wants to make the dual transition to a greener and more digital future, and startups will have a prominent role in achieving this in the following years. Being innovative at their core, many startups bring meaningful innovations to the market and propose breakthrough solutions to many European and global challenges.

European startup funding is critical for the growth of these businesses into becoming the next unicorns. While being innovative is risky, expensive European grants can help startups focus on what they know to do best.

If your startup is looking for new ways to fund its innovative projects, you should consider these European startup funding calls for proposals. Their themes vary, so depending on the field of your startup’s operation, you may find a European funding call for proposals that meet your needs.

European startup funding calls to find on EUcalls database

TitleEuropean Startup Prize for mobility

Programme: Third Parties Calls

Budget: -

Description: The European Startup Prize for Mobility (EUSP) is a Prize that reveals every year Europe’s best sustainable mobility startups.

To its 10 finalists and 10 Special Prizes, it provides an investment and acceleration programme to scale up in Europe.

The EUSP -under the patronage of the European Parliament and in collaboration with the European Commission, European Investment Bank, and other major EU institutions- is building a unique EU innovation ecosystem to help sustainable mobility startups to grow faster, to scale up to another European country, in order to benefit the EU citizens, its tech ecosystem and the planet.

All 20 startups will be awarded on the day of the Award Ceremony:

– Top 10 will benefit from the EUSP acceleration programme;

– 10 Special Prizes will mostly benefit from the funding and trade opportunities of the partner’s organisation in charge of their category.

Deadline: 30/11/2021

TitleInternet architecture and decentralised technologies (RIA)

Programme: HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-03 

Budget: € 11,000,000

Description: The Internet architecture has developed as a mix of centralised, networked and device-based technologies with design choices largely coming from the past. In particular, the questions of security and energy efficiency were relatively secondary in the initial architecture design of the Internet. At the same time, ever-larger fractions of the internet as we know it today are operated by a small number of platforms controlling end-users’ data, online transactions and infrastructure, effectively leading to a concentration and centralisation of the Internet.

Proposals should focus on advancing the state-of-the-art in one of the two research areas below:

  1. To review and upgrade the open Internet architecture 
  2. Address the current limitations of decentralised technologies, such as Blockchain and DLT

Deadline: 05/04/2022

TitleNGI International Collaboration - USA and Canada (RIA)

Programme: HORIZON-CL4-2022-HUMAN-01-07

Budget: € 6,000,000

Description: The aim of the topic is to reinforce EU cooperation and strategic partnerships with the US and Canada in the area of Next Generation Internet, and to establish a continuous dialogue among the actors involved in the US, Canadian and EU programmes, in particular as far as internet standardisation is concerned. The focus should be on trust and data sovereignty, in particular digital identity, and on internet architecture renovation and decentralised technologies.

Deadline: 05/04/2022

TitleStimulating innovation procurement

Programme: HORIZON-EIE-2022-CONNECT-02-02 

Budget: € 1,500,000

Description The urgent challenges of today are inherently complex and systemic and will not be solved by individual actors or territories in isolation. To foster enabling innovation ecosystems across Europe requires a systemic approach that is inclusive and collaborative, involves diverse actors, institutions and places, maximizes the value of innovation to all and ensures equitable diffusion of its benefits.

Deadline: 27/09/2022

TitleLeveraging standardisation in Digital Technologies (CSA)

Programme: HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-01-21

Budget: € 4,500,000

Description: This action will involve and empower European stakeholders participating at the development of open technical specifications and standards with the aim to representing European values and ethics, strengthen the take-up, scalability cross-border and cross-sector interoperability of their technological solutions.

The aim is to reinforce the presence of EU and associated states experts in the international ICT standardisation scene, by setting up a ICT standardisation observatory and a facility supporting the participation of key European specialists (especially from SMEs and Academia) in key international and global Standard Developing Organisations.

Deadline: 30/03/2022

TitleBoosting green economic recovery and open strategic autonomy in Strategic Digital Technologies through pre-commercial procurement (PCP action)

Programme: HORIZON-CL4-2022-RESILIENCE-02-01-PCP

Budget: € 9,000,000

Description: By closing the gap between supply and demand in a way that reinforces EU open strategic autonomy, PCPs can make a key contribution to economic recovery and growth. As the future is one of green digital growth, European public procurers need to lead by example by procuring more green and more digital. This topic, therefore, focuses on forward looking procurement of R&D to bring to the market new green, digital solutions that can increase Europe’s resilience and preparedness to tackle the circular economy and climate challenge.

Deadline: 30/03/2021

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