5 Easy Steps to Apply for EU Funding

There are numerous good ideas out there with the ability to make a real impact, but they don't. The reason is that there are many who don't know the basics of how to apply for EU funding, making mistakes along the way. At EUcalls, we have seen many projects materialize with our own eyes throughout our active presence in keeping you informed about the latest European calls for proposals and managing your bright ideas on IdeaPad.

But, for these ideas to materialize into actionable projects, organizations need a platform to find like-minded partners and apply for EU funding. Both components are crucial for any project’s success, and our smart platform is ideal for those needs.

How to Apply for EU Funding Guide

We have been in the same spot, and we know firsthand what it feels like when you are looking for a call or want to apply for EU funding. Our team of experts created the innovative platform of EUcalls to provide an all-around, interactive, and hassle-free environment for all European project managers. If you are wondering how to use EUcalls platform, follow these five easy steps:

1. Create Your Profile

The first important step to initiate your journey in EUcalls is to create your profile. To fully take advantage of all the benefits that EUcalls provides, it is advisable to complete your organization’s details fully. By doing so, you will get listed in the partners’ directory, and not only will you have access to the EUcalls platform, but other organizations can also find you and partner with you.

2. Setup your Target

Having successfully created your organization’s profile with all the necessary details, it is time to set up your target. In simple words, you declare the type of funding you are interested in that matches your project idea. By setting your target, it allows EUcalls to give you tailored results based on your interests. The customized content saves time for your organization by removing all the clutter. 

3. Look for a Call for Proposal

Let us get down to business! The completion of the previous tedious yet meaningful steps is purposed to help you find a call. At any given time, you can find hundreds of active European markets that our team has meticulously gathered in one place for you. You can find the calls that best match your expertise through the list of matched calls or the general directory.       

4. Declare Interest

When you decide to apply for EU funding, an idea is as good as your partners to be successful. To that end, EUcalls allows you to declare your interest in your preference calls. This declaration of interest for that call is also visible to others. You enhance your visibility when you leave comments with your ideas or declaring what you are looking for.

5. Message Other Partners

Finally, EUcalls brings you in direct contact with other partners. You do not have to trouble yourself anymore in finding the contact details of organizations that you would like to partner with. In our platform, you can send direct messages to other organizations and ask them to join a consortium. 

After completing all the previous steps, you must now know how to apply for EU funding and to make an impact. 

If you are looking for European calls and EU funding opportunities, you are in the right spot. Give EUcalls a try with this free trial to convince yourself.