Revolutionize Your BSO's Innovation Funding with InnovateBiz Boost

In today's highly competitive market, Business Support Organizations (BSOs) face a difficult task in securing the necessary funding to drive innovation and growth. The landscape is more challenging than ever, with organizations striving to stand out and access essential resources. However, BSOs don't have to navigate this terrain alone. InnovateBiz Boost is available to transform organizations' approach to innovation funding, empowering BSOs to unlock unparalleled opportunities for advancement.

Partnering for Success

At EUcalls, we offer much more than just a regular service. We want to become your strategic partner in catalyzing your BSO's growth and innovation. Our specialized suite of Innovation Funding services is tailor-made to cater specifically to the needs of BSOs like yours. We provide all the necessary tools and resources to help you thrive in today's highly competitive landscape.

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Tailored Solutions for Diverse Needs

We partner with various organizations, from consulting firms and chambers of commerce to digital innovation hubs, to enhance their innovation efforts. InnovateBiz Boost offers exclusive discount codes, customized funding reports, specialized training, strategic partnerships, and networking proposals. Our goal is to transform your innovation funding approach and provide you with unique growth opportunities.

Our Comprehensive Services for Your BSO’s Success

  1. Exclusive Discount Codes for EUcalls Platform Access: Discover funding opportunities with discounted access for your members. Our exclusive discount codes provide you with access to a wealth of EU funding opportunities, giving your organization a competitive edge in securing vital resources for innovation and growth.
  2. Proposal Management and Coordination: From ideation to submission, our team manages and coordinates 2-5 funding proposals, ensuring your projects stand out. With our expertise and attention to detail, we'll guide you through the entire proposal process, maximizing your chances of success and securing the funding you need to bring your innovative ideas to life.
  3. Customized Funding Reports: Our customized reports feature open calls for funding aligned with your thematic areas of interest. They provide valuable insights into funding opportunities relevant to your organization, saving you time and effort in identifying and pursuing potential sources of funding.
  4. Training and Workshops: Enhance your members' expertise with specialized training focused on European funding mechanisms. Our training and workshops are designed to equip your team with the knowledge and skills they need to navigate the complex landscape of European funding, empowering them to effectively pursue and secure funding for your organization's innovative projects.
  5. Partner Search and Proposals: Leverage our extensive network to find perfect partners for your projects, ensuring alignment with your thematic focus. Our team works closely with you to identify and connect with potential partners who share your organization's goals and values, increasing the likelihood of successful collaborations and funding proposals.
  6. Strategic Partnerships and Branding: Elevate your brand through strategic partnerships and communication strategies that highlight your commitment to innovation. Our team will help you forge strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, enhancing your organization's visibility and reputation as a leader in driving innovation and growth.
  7. Networking Events Proposals: Discover new opportunities and expand your network through valuable networking events. Our team is dedicated to helping you identify and propose networking events that offer unique chances for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and business development. With our assistance, your organization can position itself for success in the constantly evolving landscape of innovation.

Take Action Today

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