Find Partners

5 tips to find partners for your project proposal

The implementation of EU projects, requires time, managerial spirit and the need to innovate. Innovation always plays a very important role in every EU project proposal. An innovative proposal is an appealing proposal. If you are trying to build a consortium of partners then providing them with an innovative proposal will give you a lot of extra credit.

But how will you choose the best partners for your consortium? Here are 5 important tips that you need to keep in mind when building a partner consortium for your EU project:

1) Search your social media

If you are active in the field of EU Projects, then you already have the social media accounts needed to promote your work. LinkedIn is the one social media platform that most people prefer in this line of business. Being active on social media means that you are going to have access to the information on a large number of potential partners.

Scan your list of contacts and connections on your social media accounts. Check out the activity of your potential partners and find the ones that will suit your proposal the best. Contact them, set up a meeting and start your partnership.

2) Go to networking events

That is not their official title of course, but anyone that works in the field of EU projects knows how important it is to attend event for networking purposes. You have to approach new potential partners and the best place to find them is the events that take place all around Europe.

You need to be ready to present your organization and seek the right partners. You need partners that will be easy to collaborate with, partners with expertise and most importantly, partners organizations that will be able to take on those parts of the proposal that your organization is not able to complete. Try to exchange contact information with as many of those potential partners as possible to increase your chances of finding the right ones.

3) Use your email marketing strategy

The email marketing strategy is something that most organizations neglect. Having been a part of EU projects for a long time, you probably have a long list of previous partners or potential partners that you never contacted.

Write a smart and descriptive email. If you are looking for partners for a specific call or a proposal you have already written, make sure to approach the subject correctly. Give them a taste of the best aspects of your proposal in the email and ask them for a meeting, to discuss your proposal further.

4) Search your old project partners

A great way to find partners for your EU project proposal is to recycle. Search your old lists of successful projects to find the partner with whom you had a good collaboration. Collaboration plays the most important role in a partnership. Try to ‘’build’’ your own teams.

We can guarantee that there will be more than enough option for you there. Contact those partners in time and let them know that you want to add them to your consortium.

5) Join an EU partner online network

The website was created, aiming at bringing partners from all around Europe together. Adding your organization to this network, you are immediately going to gain access to information about a plethora of different EU organizations that could be your partners.

Through EU partner networks, you will be able to find people that will like your proposals, your approach on EU matters and your research ideas and will want to be part of your consortium or make you part of theirs.

These five simple tips are going to make your search for EU partners easy. Remember to choose partners that are experts on their field, partners with a lot of experience on EU projects, partners with innovative ideas and smart approaches to EU calls and most importantly, partners that you can collaborate with!