€1.9 billion for the New European Research Council Calls

It is that time of the year that all EU project managers and European researchers were looking forward to, the announcement of the new Horizon Europe Calls for 2021. The recently announced Horizon Europe calls will be launched by the European Research Council (ERC) and will have a total budget of €1.9 billion. That is excellent news for top researchers all over Europe pursuing frontier research.

Who will Benefit from the European Research Council Calls?

The new ERC calls will benefit 1,000 top researchers to pursue frontier research, as well as 6,860 postdoctoral researchers, PhD students and other researchers in ERC-funded teams. For those who are not familiar with the term frontier research, it refers to research at the “frontiers of knowledge” that is usually high cost and with an increased risk of failure.

In Mariya Gabriel’s, Commissioner for Research, innovation, Culture, Education and Youth, own words, “I am very pleased that we have today adopted the Work Programme of the European Research Council. This important step paves the way for launching calls that support top researchers and their teams to pursue frontier research at different stages of their careers. The first call will support young researchers across Europe who are starting their own independent research team or programme. They are the future of European research.”.

What are the Deadlines for the European Research Council Calls?

We have gathered all the important days and deadlines that you need to keep in mind know before you submit your application to funding your research for your convenience.

  • The Starting Grant call will open on February 25th, 2021 and, given an extended deadline, is scheduled to close on April 8th.
  • Next up is the Consolidated Grant that will remain open from March 11th until April 20th 2021.
  • And finally, the Advanced Grant will open on May 20th, and applicants will be able to apply to submit their applications until August 31st 2021.

You can also find all the above information consolidated in the table below.


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